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Catching air / by Pekkanen, Sarah,

Publication: . 455 pages (large print) ; 23 cm

Going on the publisher's blurb, I had high hopes for this book. I should have known better! The story concerns two married couples who, for different reasons, come together to run a very upmarket bed and breakfast in Vermont, USA. I must say that this B & B is not like any that I've ever known! Apart from the unbelievable B &B, the characters are equally unbelievable; weak women, men who either so 'modern man' they almost sprout wings or so stupid that they should have a forked tail! I ploughed my way through to the end of this most unlikely story but I will not be reading more from this author.

Making soapies in Kabul : hot days, crazy nights and dangerous liasons in a war zone / by Tierney, Trudi-Ann,

Publication: Sydney : Allen & Unwin, 2014 . 296 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : 24 cm. Date: 2014

I did not find this book as interesting as I expected - lots of focus on the author's social life rather than the problems of Kabul. I did not finish it, Added 29/08/2014 by Heather

My mother's secret : based on a true Holocaust story / by Witterick, J. L.,

Publication: . 195 pages : 22 cm.

I found this small book engrossing. It is a tribute to the overwhelming compassion of the two women who risked personal safety to do what they saw as right despite in extremely difficult circumstances. Added 29/08/2014 by Heather

Freedom's land / by Jacobs, Anna,

Publication: London : Hodder, 2008 . 405 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2008

I think I must have read and enjoyed most of Anna Jacobs' books but this one was just a little bit of a let down. The story is fine but the writing appears somewhat laboured and probable reads more like a documentary that a novel. I could well imagine that this was written in response to a publisher's cry of 'write another book quickly' and Ms Jacobs has done just that. Not a bad book but not up to the authors usual high standard.

The turning tide / by Lance, Kate,

Publication: Sydney, N.S.W. : Arena, Allen & Unwin, 2014 . 337 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2014

The Turning Tide is an amazing read. I couldn't put it down. The sins of war and the aftermath, tangled family relationships, love, regrets, horror and hope - it's all here. A must read. Added 23/08/2014 by Kath

The secret life of James Cook / by Lay, Graeme,

Publication: . 368 pages : 24 cm

This book and its sequel James Cook's New World' are accounts of the life of this justly famous sailor, navigator and explorer put together as a novel. Written by NZ author, Graeme Lay, this strategy works splendidly, bringing the both the private and professional life of this remarkable man brilliantly to life. Equally, it highlights the very real drawbacks of the life of a seaman in the 18th century, including the great difficulties and sorrows it caused his wife, Elizabeth, and his children. Few of his children survived to adulthood and their mother had to bear these losses on her own. The books do not minimise these problems in any way but they also show the great pleasure and satisfaction that Cook gained from his life. His great care for those under him, including all the common sailors who sailed with him, shows him to have been a man of high principles and who lived by those principles. Cook's great love of the sea and his equally great love for his wife meant that he had to choose between them and, as we know, the sea was the winner. These books are obviously the result of a great deal of research and are written so well that they are very easy to read, gallop along like a good story and, at the same time, a great deal of knowledge of the times, navigation, the sea and sailing is being absorbed by the reader almost without realising it. Lay is a prolific writer in a number of genre and I am surprised that I haven't come across him before. I believe he is writing a third in the series and I will be looking out for this as well as other of his books. I cannot recommend these books too highly, both as great reads and for their insight into the lives of many people who had great influence in the founding of New Zealand.

Nightshade / by Leather, Stephen,

Publication: London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2013 . 425 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

heart gripping occult drama. The interaction between all the characters to make this a book I needed to get to the end so that all would be put right again. Not to be read before bed. I wondered why I choose this as its a bit scary. Added 14/08/2014 by Gail

The broken places / by Atkins, Ace,

Publication: . 358 pages : 24 cm.

Hillbillies in todays world I didn't finish this book. Added 14/08/2014 by Gail

Life or death / by Robotham, Michael,

Publication: . 434 pages ; 24 cm.

Not part of the Joe O'loughlin series..Disappointiing.

Added 10/08/2014 by Kath

The turning tide / by Lance, Kate,

Publication: Sydney, N.S.W. : Arena, Allen & Unwin, 2014 . 337 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2014

Kate Lance fooled me absolutely with this book. I don't like books written in the present tense and I'm not keen on books that go back and forth in time. This book does both of these things and yet I couldn't put it down. Dealing with all sorts of problems left over from the second world war, it encompasses a range of emotions from guilt to love, from great humour to great sadness. It is not afraid to talk about issues such as homosexuality, brutality and torture and extra marital love. The main character is an Australian academic who goes to Timor as part of the Australian war effort against the Japanese, survives the horror of that and then goes to Japan to find his first love in the debris of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Back in Australia his past comes back to haunt him and he has to cope with all of his long-held guilt and inhibitions. Beautifully crafted, fully believable characters, good and bad and a really good read, I cannot recommend this book too highly.

Wake / by Hope, Anna,

Publication: London : Doubleday, 2014 . 326 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2014

Reading this novel on ANZAC day was very moving. It is well written and the stories draw you in. I found the historical story of the unknown soldier very interesting as a background to the main story of the three women and their men lovers brothers and sons and husbands. I highly recommend this very good first novel by Anna Hope. Lynne Added 28/04/2014 by Lynne

Up and down in the Dales / by Phinn, Gervase,

Publication: London : Penguin, 2005 . 288 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 2005

Another lovely book in this series. If you liked James Herriot you will love these books by Gervase Phinn. Lots of fun, some emotion and all eminently readable. Highly recommended

As darkness falls / by Parry, Bronwyn,

Publication: Sydney : Hachette Australia, 2008 . 358 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2008

I seem to be reading and enjoying more books set (and written) across the Tasman! This one contains some horrifying crimes in the far outback of NSW. A woman Park Ranger and a bruised and battered policeman set out to solve the mystery and, at the same time, keep themselves safe. Well written, good feel for the country and believable characters. The murders are pretty brutal and so be prepared for that. I very much liked this story and want more from Ms Parry.

The crown tower / by Sullivan, Michael J.,

Publication: London : Orbit, 2013 . 384 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2013

A funny, yet suspensful action packed read. Added 20/01/2014 by

Betrayed / Ages 13+ by Cast, P. C.,

Publication: London : Atom, 2009 . 310 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2009

This book is part of a really good teenage supernatural series. Added 28/12/2013 by

The modern family survival guide / by Latta, Nigel,

Publication: Auckland, N.Z. : Random House, 2013 . 301 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Helpful, funny and filled with wisdom and common sense. Added 09/12/2013 by

The inn at Rose Harbor / by Macomber, Debbie,

Publication: North Sydney, N.S.W. : Bantam, 2012 . 340 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2012

An enjoyable storyline that keeps your interest and shows that forgivness is always possible. Added 09/12/2013 by

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross / by Patterson, James,

Publication: New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2012 . 323, 7, 6 p. ; 25 cm. Date: 2012

Another really good suspense novel from James Patterson Added 09/12/2013 by

Ripe for scandal / by Carr, Isobel,

Publication: New York : Forever, 2011 . 337 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 2011

Funny and suspenseful. A good read for anyone starting to read historical romances. Added 09/12/2013 by

Instructions for a heatwave / by O'Farrell, Maggie,

Publication: London : Tinder, 2013 . 338 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

An intriguing book about complicated relationships. Very compelling and honest. Added 09/12/2013 by

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