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Bones are forever / by Reichs, Kathy,

Publication: London : William Heinemann, 2012 . 288 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2012

I love Kathy Reichs normally but I didn't end up finishing this. The story is full of distractions that I found spoilt it for me. Yet the story itself is interesting. Pity! Added 26/01/2013 by Catherine

Close to the bone / by MacBride, Stuart

Publication: London : HarperCollins, 2013 . viii, 511 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

This is another awesome installment in the Logan McRae series. More snarky remarks from Steele, more bodies, more torture and more intrigue. Well worth the read.

Running hot / by Hill, David,

Publication: Wellington, N.Z. : Mallinson Rendel, 2005 . 116 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2005

My favourite character is Luther for being so honest With Grace.Anita Added 01/01/2013 by Shereece

The selection / by Cass, Kiera,

Publication: London : HarperCollins Children's, 2012 . 327 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 2012

this book was awsome and i really enjoyed the characters because they fitted in well with story.Tearana Added 01/01/2013 by Shereece

James and the giant peach / by Dahl, Roald,

Publication: London : Penguin, 1990 . 148 pages : 20 cm. Date: 1990

the character that stood out to me most was miss spider because she was a very huge spider, Brian. Added 01/01/2013 by Shereece

Fang / by Patterson, James,

Publication: New York : Little Brown & Co., 2010 . 335 pages ; 19 cm. Date: 2010

max is my favourite charater because he is a great and tries to ensure the safety of his flock at all times, Brenda

Added 01/01/2013 by Shereece

Eragon / Ages 14+ by Paolini, Christopher,

Publication: New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2003 . 517 pages : 20 cm. Date: 2003

my favourite character in this book will have to be eragon because he looks after his dragon really well and together they make a great team. Brenda

Added 01/01/2013 by Shereece

Home front / by Hannah, Kristin,

Publication: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2012 . 390 p. ; 25 cm. Date: 2012

This book is a book that you wont want to put down until you finish it. I first opened it yesterday at lunch time, read it till 3.00 a.m. this morning when my eyes would no longer stay open and have finished it this afternoon. It is a novel but is so realistic it could be a true story. A book that will be enjoyed my many I know.

The bone tiki / by Hair, David,

Publication: Auckland [N.Z.] : HarperCollins, 2009 . 303 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2009

The best story ever by a New Zealand writer. I loved it. Anita Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

Haunting Violet / by Harvey, Alyxandra,

Publication: London : Bloomsbury, 2011 . 343 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2011

Reasonably good read. A strange plot unlike anything else I have read. Strangely enticing read, though an unusual topic. Caitlin Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

Inheritance / Ages 14+ by Paolini, Christopher,

Publication: London : Doubleday Children's, 2011 . xviii, 860 p. : 25 cm. Date: 2011

A story that delves into the mythical and grabs hold of you. When you put it down you almost immediatly yearn to re-emerge yourself in Alagaesia. If you are a reader I would recommend the series; if not I doubt you could stick to it and it would just waste your time. Caitlin Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

The selection / by Cass, Kiera,

Publication: London : HarperCollins Children's, 2012 . 327 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 2012

This book was totally cool; a bit predictable but wasn't about vamps or werewolves at least. The main character was tough and somewhat honouralbe. The book is easy to read and understand. Anita Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

Came a hot Friday / by Morrieson, Ronald Hugh,

Publication: Auckland, N.Z. : Penguin, 1981 . 234 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 1981

I can see why Ronald Hugh Morrieson was described as 'our most precious; writer - he can create believable, likable characters and a fast-moving story. It's not that hard to get into and it's definitely worth reading. Sophie Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

Zac runs wild / by Larry, H. I.,

Publication: Prahran, Vic. : Hardie Grant Egmont, 2010 . 56 p. : 20 cm. Date: 2010

Read this book f you like animals or jungles, you could end up just like agent Tarzan or be a zookeeper and you can know what animals or jungles are like. Blaine Added 01/10/2012 by Catherine

Agent 21 / by Ryan, Chris,

Publication: London : Red Fox, 2011 . 338 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2011

It’s a great book. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series, couldn’t put it down and ended up reading it in one night. Stephanie Added 08/09/2012 by Catherine

Tempest rising / Young adult. by Deebs, Tracy,

Publication: New York : Walker & Company, 2011 . 344 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2011

Loved it. Not really my style but still found the plot and story so well written I couldn’t put it down. Grace Added 08/09/2012 by Catherine

Firespell / by Neill, Chloe,

Publication: London : Gollancz, 2010 . 246 p. ; 23 cm. Date: 2010

It was enticing and i couldn't get enough

Me before you / by Moyes, Jojo,

Publication: Camberwell, Vic. : Michael Joseph, 2012 . 480 p. ; 23 cm. Date: 2012

Well worth reading! Not knowing right until the end what might happen.

The trouble with fire / by Kidman, Fiona,

Publication: Auckland, N.Z. : Vintage, 2011 . 302 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2011

Finalist in NZ Post awards 2012

The Spook's apprentice / by Delaney, Joseph,

Publication: London : Red Fox, 2005 . 324 p. : 18 cm. Date: 2005

Great book, thrilling hook and amazing series. Mystical and magical with a twist. From witches to boggarts. This series includes everything plus your own Beastiay!

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