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The innkeeper's daughter / by Wood, Valerie,

Publication: London : Bantam, 2012 . 365 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2012

Makes you realise how hard a woman's life was in the mid 1800's. Added 09/11/2013 by

Book of New Zealand words / New Zealand words by Bardsley, Dianne,

Publication: Wellington, New Zealand : Te Papa Press, 2013 . 424 pages ; 23 cm. Date: 2013

Here is a book that will find a place among my reference books. Added 09/11/2013 by

The hand that first held mine / by O'Farrell, Maggie,

Publication: London : Headline Review, 2010 . 341 p. ; 25 cm. Date: 2010

weird Added 09/11/2013 by

Friends forever / by Steel, Danielle,

Publication: London : Bantam Press, 2012 . 308 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2012

True friendship never dies. Added 09/11/2013 by

The shadow year / by Richell, Hannah,

Publication: Sydney, N.S.W. : Hachette Australia, 2013 . 407 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Got better as the story went on. Added 09/11/2013 by

The drop : a novel / by Connelly, Michael,

Publication: Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2011 . 388 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2011

Bosh has a new lady in his life and is trying to keep it from his teenage daughter, but she manages to outsmart him. He considers she will have a great career in the police force, is this a lead into a new series in the future as Harry is getting on in years, who knows. I thought the story to be very interesting with the interplay of the many characters who all act to muddy the waters in one way or another and keep you guessing. The return of Irving into Harry Bosch's life was an interesting move. Added 05/11/2013 by

One magic square : grow your own food on one square metre / by Houbein, Lolo.

Publication: Wellington, N.Z. : Awa Press, 2010 . 354 p. : 21 cm. Date: 2010

Thought it would be simple but they make it a bit complicated. Added 29/10/2013 by Kaye

Paintball and airsoft battle tactics / by Larsen, Christopher E.,

Publication: St. Paul, MN : MBI Pub., 2008 . 128 p. : 27 cm. Date: 2008

I was very interested in the battletactics described in this book. Clearly written and engaging.

Traces of absence / by Holoubek, Susan,

Publication: Sydney : Pan Macmillan, 2013 . 313 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Four words that best describe this book: Intense, Powerful, insightful, unjudgemental. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Never go back / by Child, Lee,

Publication: London : Bantam Press, 2013 . 440 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Most Memorable part of the story: the end was a real surprise. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

A promise of hope / by Clipston, Amy,

Publication: Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, 2010 . 300 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2010

Four words that best describe this book: Romance, Amish, Hohum, Unengaging. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Midnight in death : Interlude in death / by Robb, J. D.,

Publication: London : Piatkus, 2012 . 291 pages ; 20 cm. Date: 2012

Four words that best describe this book: Reviiting, page-turner, action- packed, satisfying. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Thankless in death / by Robb, J. D.,

Publication: . 402 pages ; 24 cm.

Four words taht best describe this book: Rewarding Satisfying Gripping Funny(in parts)


What was your response to the storyline?

I couldn't get over the state of mind of the killer. A killer who believed he had the right to kill. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Heart of gold / by Bird, Jessica,

Publication: New York, N.Y. : Signet, 2003 . xii, 370 p. ; 18 cm. Date: 2003

Most Memorable part of the story:

Finding the first skeleton more or less were it should of been. Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Gone / by Patterson, James,

Publication: London : Century, 2013 . 368 pages ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Four words to describe this book: violent lethal evil chilling Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

Home front girls / by Goodwin, Rosie,

Publication: London : Canvas, 2013 . 439 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2013

Four Words that best Describe this book: - Great - Interesting - Factual - Friendly

Added 21/10/2013 by Shereece

New Zealand's Vietnam War : a history of combat, commitment and controversy / by McGibbon, I. C.

Publication: Auckland, N.Z. : Exisle, 2010 . 704 p. : 25 cm. Date: 2010

Contains all you might want to know regarding New Zealand's effort in South Vietnam. Readable, informative and interesting. With maps and pictures. Highly recommended.

Flesh house / by MacBride, Stuart

Publication: London : HarperCollins, 2008 . 467 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2008

Absolutely loved this book. Couldn't wait for my next chance to turn the pages. For those of us who like the murdering sadistic read - definitely one not to miss. Added 15/02/2013 by Tanya

Unfurling, a mixed-media workshop with Misty Mawn : inspiration and techniques for self-expression through art / by Mawn, Misty.

Publication: Beverly : Quarry Books, 2011 . 127 pages : 26 cm. Date: 2011

Loved it! Wide variety of projects, good explanations, plenty of room to do your own thing. Added 26/01/2013 by Catherine

One magic square : grow your own food on one square metre / by Houbein, Lolo.

Publication: Wellington, N.Z. : Awa Press, 2010 . 354 p. : 21 cm. Date: 2010

Good basic info that I could understand even though I am just beginning to garden. My only comment is that, as a total beginner, I had trouble deciding which plot I was best to start off with. Added 26/01/2013 by Catherine

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