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Gideon's corpse / by Preston, Douglas J.,

Publication: New York : Grand Central Pub., 2012 . 355 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2012

I don't enjoy this character as much as Agent Pendergast. Worked out who one of the bad guys was half way through book so didn't enjoy the read very much. Added 02/07/2017 by Jennifer

Crimson shore / by Preston, Douglas J.,

Publication: . 339 pages ; 24 cm.

Loved it! Added 02/07/2017 by Jennifer

Red sister / by Lawrence, Mark,

Publication: . x, 467 pages ; 24 cm.

This book is a great read. Adventure. loyalty, sister hood with blades.

Added 30/06/2017 by Maree

Keith H. Anderson's Taranaki : celebrating the life and art of a mountain man / by Anderson, Berta,

Publication: Stratford, N.Z. : B. Anderson, 2004 . 134 p. : 22 x 29 cm. Date: 2004

What a wonderful book telling some of Keith Anderson's story, but also amazing reference of his oil paintings of and around the Mountain and other places of meaning to him. Absolutely loved finding this book and enjoying the stories it tells. Jenni Corbett

Added 29/05/2017 by Jennifer

To the sea / by Dibley, Christine,

Publication: . 451 pages ; 24 cm

I found this to be a mystical story mixed with ordinaryness of solving a missing person case. The usual cast of characters the missing persons family and friends, and the detective and his team. But the story drew me in and I became engrossed wondering just what had happened to the missing girl. The Detective is drawn in too and becomes more involved with the family and the stories they tell. I have to say i did not expect the ending. which really surprised me. Added 28/03/2017 by Lynne

Jean harley was here / by Johnson, Heather Taylor,

Publication: . 242 pages ; 23 cm.

The cover says this is a book to "savour" and I agree. It is delicately written and poetically it delves into the minds of each character left behind, their memories of Jean and the turns their lives take after her death. The effect of their memories of Jean changes the ways some of them live their lives and even affects the person who accidentally ran her over. I am happy to recommend this novel. Added 28/03/2017 by Lynne

The bear and the nightingale / by Arden, Katherine,

Publication: . 324 pages ; 23 cm.

I found this book enthralling, the descriptions of Russian life and the bleak conditions of life lived so far away from the comfort of cities. It's an old story reselling folk tales and spirits and demons in the night . The heroine is a wild young girl who grows strong and desires to save her people even though the priest has turned them against her. A very good read. Added 19/03/2017 by Lynne

The satanic mechanic / by Andrew, Sally,

Publication: . 312 pages ; 24 cm

The second in what I hope will be a long series by this author I was as enthralled by this mystery crime novel and the characters in it as I was by the first book. Tannie Maria is still dealing with her issues from an abusive marriage. Her fellow crime investigators Jess and Policeman boyfriend Henk are further developed in this story. And of course all through the story there is food glorious food which helps each different situation. I almost put on weight just reading it. Another spellbinding story can't wait for the next one. Lynne Added 29/01/2017 by Lynne

The things you do for love / by Crowther, Rachel,

Publication: . 440 pages ; 20 cm.

A good yarn about family dynamics. I enjoyed it and would describe it as a good holiday read. Will look for more by this author. Lynne Added 18/01/2017 by Lynne

Gardenista / by Slatalla, Michelle,

Publication: . 108 pages : 25 cm

This was a refreshing new look at garden landscapes and wonderful gardens. I would recommend this book to any gardening friends as a great ideas book and coffee table volume which you want to keep picking up to look at. Many are American gardens which we don't usually see. Thanks for purchasing this for the collection. Added 19/12/2016 by Lynne

Days of blood and starlight / by Taylor, Laini,

Publication: London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2012 . 517 p. : 24 cm. Date: 2012

A Romeo and Juliet story with magic and beasts! Added 14/12/2016 by Bee

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children / by Riggs, Ransom,

Publication: Philadelphia, Penn. : Quirk Books, 2011 . 352 p. : 21 cm. Date: 2011

This is a remarkable story and not just for YA! Added 15/11/2016 by Kath

First response / by Leather, Stephen,

Publication: . 377 pages ; 24 cm.

A first class page-turner with a satisfying ending. Added 10/04/2016 by Kath

The critic / by May, Peter,

Publication: . 388 pages ; 20 cm.

An excellent plot but a bit tiring to read with all the French phrases. Added 20/10/2015 by Kath

Dark heart / by Park, Tony,

Publication: Sydney, N.S.W. : Pan Macmillan, 2012 . 435 p. : 24 cm. Date: 2012

An historically accurate and horrifying read showing the cruel realities of the world we live in no matter if we are human or animal. A very good read. Added 14/10/2015 by

Ross Poldark / by Graham, Winston,

Publication: London : Pan Books, 2015 . 471 pages ; 20 cm. Date: 2015

An historical love novel that is sad in places and it's also a family drama. Added 14/10/2015 by

Traitors in the shadows : an historical novel / by Rutherford, Alex,

Publication: . 362 pages : 24 cm.

Packed with action, battles, history and betrayal. A very good book. Added 14/10/2015 by

The gospel of Loki / by Harris, Joanne,

Publication: London : Gollancz, 2014 . 302 pages ; 20 cm. Date: 2014

A fun and twisted book that was enjoyable the whole way through. Utterly brilliant. Added 14/10/2015 by

Mermaids singing / by Court, Dilly,

Publication: London : Arrow, 2006 . 490 pages ; 18 cm. Date: 2006

Family, hardship, love and poverty. Kitty finally gets her dream come true. Added 12/10/2015 by

Second honeymoon / by Patterson, James,

Publication: . 403, 16 pages ; 25 cm.

Well written, funny, exciting and a bit scary. Added 12/10/2015 by

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